Word From The Webmaster

Welcome to the website for St. John’s United Church of Christ, Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pa. 



Five years ago, In October 2014, I ‘officially’ took on the part-time (paid) position as St. John’s webmaster for this website, as well as content administrator for our Facebook pages along with Rev. Sue. I had been ‘voluntarily’ involved with these resources for many years, but now in an ‘official’ capacity I have been able to devote more time to improving and updating the information found here.  I am proud to have been part of the St. John’s family for over 30 years, having served on council as an Educator and Elder (roles shared with my wife Susan), committees, maintained bulletin boards and photo displays, and continuing to serve as our volunteer church photographer, so my intentions were to make this website into the ultimate ‘everything St. John’s’ website, and hopefully you will find we have achieved this goal!  In the past I have sometimes serve as photographer and video producer for our PSEC conference, the New York UCC Conference and regionally for the UCC in the Mid-Atlantic states, and the Hartman Center UCC camp, so my commitment to the United Church of Christ helped me strive to make this website the best informational source it could be!

Since taking over this position a number of changes have taken place on our website, adding new pages and topics, many more photos, much more St. John’s history, more about each organization in our church, etc.  This has been done to match the two main goals I set for the website:

  1. That visitors can come to our website and learn everything they can about St. John’s and be excited about visiting us from what they read/saw here,
  2. That St. John’s members & friends can come here and easily find any information they are looking for about worship, events, groups, etc. – anything you need to know about us!

I am grateful for the positive feedback I have received about the improvements to our website.  I am especially happy when I hear that new guests and members have chosen to check out St. John’s after visiting this website first.  At our “Blessing of the Animals” Last Fall three people from the community came up to Rev. Sue and said they were there because they saw the announcement on our website.  I have met first time worship visitors who came to St. John’s after reading our website and wanted to then experience worship here.  We have learned what a powerful tool this website is to get our name and our message out to the community.

We have also asked our members and friends to go to the review website/app “Yelp” to write a review or ‘personal testimonial’ of why St. John’s is YOUR church home. Our website can describe all the facts and features of what we do here each week, but there is nothing more convincing to attract visitors and new members like personal stories from those who have chosen to call St. John’s our church home.

Also, our St. John’s Facebook pages are a complement to this website, providing up-to-the-minute news and information to our members and friends as well as photo galleries from recent events.  Due to limited website space we can only show selected photos here, but Facebook provides a better opportunity to share larger photo collections.  You must request to join the “closed” Facebook page by going to the page and clicking the “request to join” button.  We also have a “public” Facebook page that anyone can access without joining, specifically aimed at guests & the general public who want to know more about St. John’s.

If there is any aspect of life at St. John’s which you find is not covered enough on this website, please let me know by email and we will work to update the website to provide more information!

John Hendricks