St. John’s History

St. John’s church has been a vital part of downtown Lansdale, Pa. since 1876!  The information below highlights our history as recorded during our anniversary celebrations every 25 years, starting from our 50th anniversary in 1926. 

See our “History of our Pastors” page on this website for more about the pastors who have led our congregation through the years.

Below is a brief history of St. John’s church from 1876 to 1963 (when this was written). It was written as a story for the children of the church at that time. It is a good summary of how the church was founded and grew during those years.

Below is a history of some major events in the history of St. John’s church from 1876 to present shown in photos and from our publications through the years. Note: The original 1876 building was razed in 1965. 

The following is an historical sketch from the St. John’s Reformed Church Golden Jubilee program of January 24-31, 1926: The early years of St. John’s church.