This year’s confirmation took place on Pentecost Sunday, May 28, 2023.  The next confirmation will be Sunday, May 19, 2024.


Talk to Pastors Dale or Addie if you have a young person meeting the criteria listed below for our 2023-2024 class starting in the fall!


Note: Some of the information below was modified for our 2020 – 2022 classes due to the pandemic restrictions.  Listen & watch for further information and changes for our future classes!


The confirmation class meets every year with seventh and eighth grade students. The program is led by the pastors. The schedule follows the school year from September to Pentecost Sunday in late May or early June.  We do not emphasize that at the end of this course, the young people will “graduate” but instead hope to instill an “affirmation of baptism”. The assumption is that this is one more step in an ongoing journey of faith. Christian development is a life-long process with lots of periods of faith and doubt. Confirmation is a way to take that next step toward maturity in faith.  One day during the Spring the class holds a ‘retreat’ and all class members are required to attend, otherwise, they are encouraged to attend all the meetings during that year and to attend and participate in worship.


The confirmation class become members of St. John’s on Pentecost Sunday, a special day of celebration attended by family and friends. During our 10:15 am service on Pentecost Sunday, the class is presented to the congregation, read in unison the ‘Statement of Faith’ they write together, participate in worship and serve the communion.  Pentecost Sunday is May 19, 2024.


To learn more about the confirmation schedule and process, please speak with our pastors.  Our classes form each September.  Our classes from the past are shown below – the year is above each photo.  These photos have been reduced in size and combined in a collage format for presentation on this website.  If you have any photo from any year we are missing, please let us know!  If you would like to make a full-size copy of any photo from any year shown here, please contact the webmaster and we can email the file to you.