Creation Justice

Creation Justice – Environmental Issues and the Church
Our St. John’s Creation Stewards is a group of St. John’s members concerned with any issues related to nature, racial justice, income inequality or environmental issues.  For more information or to join, contact Don Atkiss 


St. John’s Creation Stewards upcoming community events:


July 9, 2022 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm – Lansdale Open Gardens Day will include St. John’s gardens on its tour. Marie Bertolette (Carota) will be present for a book signing of her newly published children’s nature book “Once Upon A Farm”. We are asking for a donation of $15 for each book, with the proceeds going to Garden of Health. Marie has graciously offered to donate all the proceeds.


September 24, 2022 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm – PAR Electronics Recycling event at St. John’s.  We ask that people bring old electronic items for recycling & also bring a non-perishable food item for Manna on Main Street.


A message from Don Atkiss for St. John’s Creation Justice team:
One part of St. John’s Creation Justice initiative is to help alleviate environmental discrimination. Environmental discrimination holds that the communities that are hurt the worst during an environmental crisis are those that are poor. Many countries are still trying to gain back the basic life sustaining needs of food, clean water, housing, adequate health care and jobs from natural disasters.  If we are committed to Creation Justice, we all need to pitch in to help out, if we can. There are many ways to help out community members in need right now:
· Through donations to the St. John’s Emergency Fund
· Through donations to Manna on Main Street
· Through donations to Philabundance, which provides meals in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.
· Through many other national and international charities.
At St. John’s, we “Draw The Circle Wide”. We need to make it as wide as we can right now. Thanks so much.
With the grace of God, Don

Link to the United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Ministries webpage: 

Environmental Justice Ministries

Link to The Pollinator, the UCC Environmental Justice blog:

Environmental Justice from our Conference: the PSEC:

God fashioned human beings to live in harmony with the created world, and act as stewards and caretakers of creation. As early as 1959, the UCC General Synod called for conservation and responsible development of the Earth’s resources for the benefit of all people, and out of consideration for future generations. Today more than ever Christians are called to take seriously environmental science, and work towards preserving our climate, environment, and natural resources. PSEC Justice & Witness ministries:

  1. Recognizes the reality and threat of global warming as outlined by internationally respected scientific bodies, and calls for education and action around the issue of climate change.
  2. Calls for policies that conserve natural resources and energy, specifically investment in sustainable energy technologies.
  3. Stands with the United Church of Christ in calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies.
  4. Calls for a ban on “fracking” (the injection of a chemical-water mixture into the ground to extract oil).
  5. Recognizes the complex socioeconomic dimensions of environmental justice such as race, class, and global inequality.

The Pennsylvania Office of Environmental Justice was established as a point of contact for residents in low income areas and areas with a higher number of minorities. Its primary goal is to increase communities’ environmental awareness and involvement in the DEP permitting process.  Click here to go to their website.



Questions about UCC Environmental Justice on a national level?Please contact The Rev. Brooks Berndt, Minister of Environmental Justice.