Gun Violence Justice

Link to the UCC webpage concerning gun violence and the faith community:

Gun Violence

Click on the image below for a prayer from the UCC about 2022 Texas school shootings.

‘End the cycle of violence,’ UCC officers pray after deaths in Texas school shooting


Gun Violence Justice from our Conference: The PSEC:


Members of the faith community have long advocated for sensible, responsible policies to end gun violence. In the words of Rev. William P. Worley, our PSEC Conference Minister: “Americans have added to the firearms of our forefathers hand-held and shoulder fired weapons of mass destruction. But we have abandoned the ethic or the expectation for their careful use in a culture that is increasingly driven by fear, division and emotional reactivity. There is a reasonableness to our relationship with guns that is being denied, to protect a right without commensurate responsibility, and our days are growing more and more deadly.” PSEC Justice & Witness ministries advocate for legislation to strengthen licensing and registration of gun sales, strengthen regulations of gun dealers, and ban semiautomatic assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips.