College Students

The St. John’s family loves & supports our college students whether they are far from home or studying locally.  We look forward to seeing our ‘out of town’ students in church whenever you have the opportunity!  We encourage all of college students to be part of our St. John’s Facebook community so they can instantly keep up with what’s happening at St. John’s UCC while away!


Congratulations to our St. John’s Class of 2020 graduates – high school. college, graduate school, technical training, special courses, etc.  Unfortunately you may not be able to have a large public ceremony in 2020, but know that your accomplishments are important and your St. John’s family is cheering you on to big things in the future!  Best wishes!  We honored these graduates during the June 14th audio service. They may pick up a mug at the church ramp door Tuesdays & Thursdays during office hours.

Our local college students are invited to be part of our weekly activities at St. John’s. Our college age youth are part of our United Voices, Chancel Choir, and special events music ensembles!  They are also welcome as advisors/mentors with our children & youth activities, including Sunday School & Vacation Bible School.  Ask Pastor Addie about volunteer opportunities!


‘Goodie Boxes’ for our College & Graduate Students



Watch for our Goodie Boxes to be shipped each Spring & Fall – details in the Enlightener & the Herald!  Each Fall and Spring semester we collect snack, school & general supplies and send them to our college students to remind them we are thinking about them.  Watch for ‘tear off’ sheets on the Youth bulletin board near Pastor Addie’s office;  you may choose 1 or more of the items to purchase in the suggested quantity then bring them to church before the deadline.  Items include homemade baked goods, packaged foods, candy and mints, household items, etc. A committee puts the boxes together and prepares them for shipping.  The Sunday before they are mailed the congregation is invited to sign letters that go inside the goodie boxes and to write notes of support, encouragement & friendship to the students.



We have been sending ‘goodie boxes’ for so many years that many of the young children and adults who helped put the boxes together for years are now receiving boxes themselves while away at college!  If you know a St. John’s student who should be on the list, please contact Bonnie Weber or let the church office know by email or phone. (See ‘Contact Us’ page.) Watch the Herald & Enlightener for more details.


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