Giving – Offerings and Donations to St. John’s UCC ~ Lansdale, Pa.


St. John’s depends on the contribution of its members. Thank you to each of you for your generosity and support of our church.


A reminder: your financial support is needed whether you worship at church or at home with our audio services.  You may bring your offering to Sunday worship to leave in the plates at the door, or you may leave your regular church offerings in the locked box outside the ramp door or mail them to the church – thank you!


Online giving is now available!  To make a secure, one-time or recurring gift, click the link below and follow the simple instructions.  You may designate your donation toward current expenses or any other special fund or benevolence you desire. 


Click This Link Below to Give Online:


There is a processing fee to St. John’s for this service that you can choose to add to your donation, allowing St. John’s to make full use of your contributions.  Processing fees using a credit card are much higher than direct bank withdrawals (ACH).  If you wish to donate electronically to St. John’s without these fees, check with your bank for online banking options.  Depending on your bank, the option to send a check to St John’s via online banking may not have fees.


For enhanced security, you’ll verify your identity with your cell phone number.  All Sensitive financial information is stored with the highest bank level security.


Are you a retiree using distributions from your IRA or 401K?  You can reduce your taxable income by directing a disbursement from your retirement account directly to St. John’s.   Direct disbursements from retirement accounts to Charitable organizations are excluded from your reportable taxable income, but do count towards your required minimum distribution (RMD).  Talk to your financial advisor to see if this is a good approach for you.  If so, do the following:

  • Ask your financial institution what information they require to make this donation. Contact St. John’s office to get this necessary information
  • Instruct the financial institution to make a check out to St. John’s UCC. Include your name and envelope number in the memo section
  • Contact the church office to fill out a form indicating how to allocate your contribution.

We invite you to make a donation in memory/honor of a loved one  to our flower ministry or our Emergency/Good Samaritan Fund to help our neighbors in need.  This can be done via the online giving portal, or you may call the church office at 215-855-5489 during business hours or email: