Music Ministry Minute

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September 30, 2022:  Today’s Music Ministry Minute reminds us that music ministry occurs beyond Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings



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September 23, 2022: Today’s Music Ministry Minute discusses a favorite hymn of many, and why we won’t be singing it on Sunday.


Welcome to Music Ministry Minute!


Music Ministry Minute is a weekly video series in which Andrew Paulson (Minister of Music at St. John’s) discusses an aspect of music ministry. Topics will include upcoming choir anthems, hymns, pieces of music featured in worship, and more! Music Ministry Minute premieres every Friday at 12 noon (between Labor Day and Memorial Day) on our website (here), Facebook page and YouTube Channel.


Previous videos in the Music Ministry Minute series are archived on our YouTube page to be viewed their any time.  Click the link below to go to the YouTube page: