Getting Around St. John’s

Our building was built over the course of many years, from 1925 to 1952, but it has been updated and modernized many times since to provide modern and accessible facilities.

The Main Level – (2nd Floor) Our main level is a few steps up from ground level, and can be reached by stairs, ramp, and elevator.  Rooms found on this level:

our Sanctuary, used for worship and musical events

the office of our Senior Pastor

our church library, which also serves as a meeting room

our church office, open during business hours on weekdays

the office of our Associate Pastor

our church Nursery (open during 10:15 am worship & special events)

the elevator court and front porch (mailboxes for church council & others are here)

Note: There are 2 restrooms on each side of the landing between the Main Level and Upper Level, one near the church office, the other near the church nursery. These are single-person, gender-neutral restrooms – the larger multi-person gender-specific restrooms are on the lower level accessible by stairs and elevator.

The Lower Level – (1st Floor) Below ground level, reached by stairs or elevator – Rooms found on this level:

the Assembly Hall used for Fellowship Time after 10:15 am worship & special events – this room can be divided into 3 smaller rooms by partitions

the church Kitchen

the Activity Room used for Junior Church, Sunday School & special events

the Fireside Room used for youth Sunday School & special events

2 Restrooms for multi-person use

The Upper Level – (3rd Floor) can be reached by steps or elevator –

contains 4 classrooms used for Sunday School, Bible School & special events

Getting Around St. John’s Quiz:  Now that you have found your way around St. John’s building, can you identify where this chair below is located?

Church Chair