Church Council


Our St. John’s council is the ‘executive body’ of the church and consists of four Boards, each comprised of 6 voting members from the congregation: 

Executive Officers:

Anne Kinsey, President

Marge Jewell, Vice-President

Sandy and Bob Taylor, Co-Treasurers

Judy Neidhardt, Secretary

Committee Chairs:

Grace Bruen, Finance

Bill Leslie, Personnel

Board of Deacons – social life & stewardship of the church 

Steve Bossert, Alyson Faga, Mike Goldstein, Deb Hendricks, Judy & Alan Johnston, Bill Kurz, Scott Vanderburg

Board of Educators – educational ministry of the church

Kelly & Kasey Bresadola, Jen Gilbert, Cayla Liebel, Amy Hutchinson, Kim Sands, Joanna Weierman

Board of Elders – worship, music & spiritual life of the church

Sumiko Booream, Gayle & Bob George, Jenn Moyer, Susan Popjoy, Jo-Ann Sine, Marcia Stacy

Each Sunday one of our Elders is designated “Elder Of The Morning” to assist the pastors in preparation for worship, to make sure all of the volunteers for the week are in place, etc.

Board of Trustees – care and custody of the church property

Sean Arney, Don Atkiss, Don Huntsinger, Dan Panachyda, Pricilla Ponist, Wayne Sands

Our staff members, council members & officers all attend our council meetings.

Our Congregational Installation Prayer for our 2017 officers: “We gather in celebration of the joy that is ours to be partners with you in the service of Jesus Christ. We promise to love you, honor your leadership, and assist you that together we may be a faithful church of Jesus Christ.”

Our church boards meet on the 2nd Monday of each month (except summer) at 7:00 pm and the combined church council meets the same evening at 8:00 pm.  Most boards hold one meeting during the summer months.

Our new council members are selected in December, voted in during the January Congregational Dinner, and are installed the first Sunday in February during worship. The members have rotating terms in office, so each year there is room for new council members to be elected on each board. We are always looking for ‘new faces’ and new ideas on our council.  If you are a member and wish to serve on one of our church boards, please speak with Pastors Sue or Addie or anyone on our church council.

 Above photos: Installation Service for our 2017-2018 Church Council 

To learn more about the monthly activities of each board, read the Church Council page of the Enlightener. Back copies are archived on our ‘Publications’ page.