Pastoral Search Committee 2024



ST. JOHN’S UCC ~ Lansdale is in the process of choosing our new Senior Pastor.  This webpage provides information on that process and search.


St. John’s Pastoral Search Committee 2024 – sometmes known as “Search and Call”

Susan Fitzpatrick – Committee Chair

Sally Atkiss

Chriss Boddie

Mark Bruen

Steve Butz

Bill Cagney

Deborah Dayton

Anne Kinsey

Janet Morton

Emilie Truscott

Liz Vanderburg


On Sunday, April 7, 2024, a special commissioning of our Pastoral Search Committee was held during our worship service. (Bill Cagney not present in photo above.)

From the April, 2024 Enlightener:


Search and Call for Settled Senior Pastor:


We are glad to report that St. John’s is making great progress in our Search and Call for our next Senior Pastor.

The Church Profile has been completed by the Profile Team and has been submitted to the Conference so we
can begin this next phase of our transition. We will be holding one of our communication sessions in the near
future so you can see “What God is Calling us to Become.”

The Search and Call Team has been formed and has begun to meet to plan the details of the search process with the assistance of the UCC Conference. The Elders and additional at-large members form the committee that will interview and evaluate potential candidates for our next Pastor.

The Search and Call team members are: Susan Fitzpatrick, Sally Atkiss, Anne Kinsey, Bill Cagney, Emilie
Truscott, Chriss Bodde, Liz Vanderburg, Janet Morton, Steve Butz, Deborah Dayton, and Mark Bruen.

The Search committee will bring forward a recommended candidate and call agreement, for Council to approve.

The Search committee shall present their recommendation to the Congregation for a trial sermon at church, and for the Congregation to vote and approve. Once the Search team has confirmed the process for interviewing and evaluation within a few weeks, the Conference will post the Church Profile and we will begin to receive ministerial profiles of candidates who are interested.