Pastoral Search Committee 2024



ST. JOHN’S UCC ~ Lansdale is in the process of choosing our new Senior Pastor.  This webpage provides current information on that process and search.


St. John’s Pastoral Search Committee 2024 – sometmes known as “Search and Call”

Susan Fitzpatrick – Committee Chair

Sally Atkiss

Chriss Boddie

Mark Bruen

Steve Butz

Bill Cagney

Deborah Dayton

Anne Kinsey

Janet Morton

Emilie Truscott

Liz Vanderburg


On Sunday, April 7, 2024, a special commissioning of our Pastoral Search Committee was held during our worship service. (Bill Cagney not present in photo above.)




As part of the process of selecting our new Senior Pastor, a Visioning Team was selected from the congregation to envision the future needs of our church and congregation in order to attract and select a candidate to fit our needs. 


Members of the Visioning Core team were:

– Dale Davis  – Mark Bruen  – Grace Bruen  – Zack Eliasz

– Susan Fitzpatrick  – Amy Faga  – Sally Atkiss  – Don Atkiss

– Bill Leslie  – Janet Morton  – Sumiko Booream

– Jessica Carson  – Liz Rivett


Four Quadrants of Visioning



  1. Worship and Faith Formation (Leitourgia-public worship or work of the people) The focus here is on what shape or shapes might worship take for a forward looking congregation. How might various types of worship meet the needs of those who want a more intimate way to connect their faith to everyday life, and how might those attending worship find new ways to contribute beyond singing or responding to liturgy?  What would spiritual growth and development look like across ages and generations?  Are there new approaches to adult education, confirmation, and faith formation for children and youth to envisioned?  


  1. (Psalmoi-music) Not only has music had a strong legacy at St. John’s, but is there an opportunity to expand music ministry beyond the congregation through partnerships within the community, area colleges, and various collaborators? Could St. John’s create a “farm system,” a way to mentor and grow talent toward various choirs and beyond at St. John’s?


  1. (Diakonia-service or support) Not only does outreach entail supporting agencies and organizations financially, but what would the developing of close relationships with these agencies and organizations look like? How could St. John’s be in relationships with local government and community leaders to learn about the needs and opportunities for mission?  Could mission trips serve to grow ourselves spiritually and at the same time attract those who “want to make a difference?” 


  1. Fellowship and Care. (Koinonia-community or fellowship) Are there ways to create new niches for groups to form as a way to discover care, support, to learn and experience joy? Could groups that might hike, or bike, or bake, come together in a whole new way to worship, celebrate, and support one another?  Could seniors develop a ministry of “caring connection” in which visitors were also supported, equipped, and celebrated?    


Mark Bruen presented this information above to the congregation on March 12, 2023.  The SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) process was used to facilitate the discussion with the congregation. 


Background of our Search for a new Senior Pastor:  June 12, 2022 was the last Sunday before the retirement of the Rev. Dr. Susan C. Bertolette, who served St. John’s UCC as Associate Pastor, Co-Pastor & Senior Pastor for 42 years.  Sadly, Rev. Sue passed away in August, 2022.  We now have an Interim Senior Pastor at St. John’s, Rev. Dale Davis, who will serve with our permanent Associate Pastor, Rev. Adelaide Stong, through May, 2024.  A temporary Bridge Pastor will serve until a new settled (permanent) Senior Pastor is chosen and installed. 


If you have any ideas you would like to present, please contact any of the Visioning Team members, or send an email to and we will work with you to gather your input.  


The information below was provided by our Pastoral Search Committee.  We will update this page as the search committee releases new information during the search process.


(read during worship by church council president Bill Leslie, April 3, 2022.)
It goes without saying that it is an impossible task to replace someone as talented and beloved as Rev. Sue. As we move into this next chapter in the life of St. John’s, we will keep the members and friends of St. John’s informed about our plans and progress on our journey to call our next Pastor.  Many of you have seen the announcement in the Herald that came out a few days ago. I wanted to speak to that and provide  newer information.
We have already started the process required to identify candidates for Interim Pastor. This person will perform ministerial activities and otherwise support the transition while we formally search for a “Settled” (permanent) Pastor. The goal is to have the Interim Pastor in place to start immediately after Rev. Sue’s last Sunday in June.
A small Transition Team has been formed. It is led by Liz Rivett (Council Vice-President) and is responsible for the search which will result in an Interim Pastor voted on by Church Council. The Team members are Dan Panachyda, Grace Bruen, Jessica Carson, Don Atkiss, Mark Bruen and Sally Atkiss. Please feel free to reach out to any of the Transition Team members with your questions, concerns, or suggestions.
We have also set up a Celebration Team to coordinate activities to recognize Rev. Sue leading up to her last Sunday. The Celebration Team is led by Amy Faga, and Sally Jarinko. Please contact them with questions or comments about celebration activities.
A separate, larger, Search Committee will be established later, responsible for identifying candidates for the Settled Pastor. This committee will be led by the Board of Elders with additional members selected from across the congregation. Membership will be selected to ensure it represents the full breadth of diversity that is the St. John’s “Motley Crew”. We will also be engaging with the congregation to solicit your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. More details on how that will be arranged will come later.
We are very fortunate to have an incredibly talented & dedicated ministerial staff in Pastor Addie & Andrew, as well as excellent support staff already in place. They are playing key roles in the selection process. We are also receiving significant support from Rev. Kevin McLemore, PSEC Associate Conference Minister for Search & Call.
The process for identifying and selecting a new Settled Pastor can take 12-18 months, or possibly even longer. We are embarking an important journey; finding the right person to lead us into a new chapter at St. John’s will require input, support and patience from you, our members and friends.  We will continue to share updates and additional details regarding these Pastoral search activities periodically. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Bill Leslie or Liz Rivett with any questions you may have.