Basket Raffle


St. John’s Basket Raffle


It is time to start planning for our annual Basket Raffle 2024.  If you plan to create a basket, you may sign up in the Narthex or Elevator Lobby.  We do not need the theme or actual basket yet, but please start planning now!  Basket Raffle held June 9th at the church picnic!


 About St. John’s annual Basket Raffle

Since 2006 (excluding 2022), St. John’s has held an annual St. John’s Basket Raffle fundraiser. Themed baskets are created and donated by groups, families & individuals in the church.  Opportunities are given to the congregation to view the baskets in a display for several weeks and also to purchase raffle tickets for any baskets they are interested in winning.  The proceeds from the raffle go to special projects in the church not covered as part of our church budget.


History of St. John’s Basket Raffle

In the years from 2006 to 2019, the baskets were displayed to the community outside the church building on ‘Lansdale Day’, the first Saturday of June. The public as well as our congregation could purchase raffle tickets for any baskets they were interested in winning. The winning names were drawn at the church picnic the second Sunday in June – those attending could take their baskets home, the others were held and the winners notified to pick up their prizes later (so you did not have to be present to win, and many winners come from Lansdale Day ticket sales.  In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the basket raffle was held in September, with the baskets displayed on Facebook and during the chimes concerts on Wednesdays, then the drawing was held and shown live on Facebook on Celebration Sunday, September 20, 2020.  In 2021, the basket raffle is held in August & September, with the baskets displayed after worship & on Facebook, with a drawing at the church picnic on September 19th at Plains Park.  Due to the retirement and later passing of our longtime senior pastor Rev. Sue Bertolette in the summer of 2022, our picnic and basket raffle were not held that year. The 2023 basket raffle proceeds of $2,266 benefitted the exterior restoration project.