Visiting for the First Time

We are looking forward to the day we can welcome you in person at St. John’s.  Meantime, you are invited to worship with us each Sunday listening to our service on the Audio-Sermons page of this website.  All of the information below is currently ‘on hold’ until we return to worship in the sanctuary, but if you are planning to visit in the future we hope this will be helpful to you.


Planning to visit St. John’s?  No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, our deep desire is to meet you where you are and share God’s love with you.”  Here is some information to help you plan your visit – we hope to see you soon!


On Sunday mornings at St. John’s, there are two worship opportunities at 8:00 am and 10:15 am. Both seek to blend traditional and current approaches to worship in such a way as to enable persons of all ages to resonate with what is offered.  See our “Worship” page on this website to read more about each of our two services.


Finding Us  We are located at 500 West Main Street (Route 63) in downtown Lansdale at the intersection with Richardson Avenue – watch for the sign pictured below. There are bright red doors leading to the sanctuary on Main Street, Richardson Avenue, and our front courtyard.  For those with special access needs, there is a glass doorway in the front courtyard with an elevator to the sanctuary, and in our parking lot behind the church is a ramp leading inside.


Parking  There are two parking lots on the west side of the church (on both sides of our labyrinth & meditation garden) with a lighted walkway leading to the elevator court and front doors, and another lot on the east side directly across Richardson Avenue from the church. There is also limited street parking. There are a number of parking spaces in the lot at the back of the church designated as ‘handicapped parking’ on Sunday mornings.  

Preparing For Your Visit  No matter your church background, all visitors are invited to participate in all aspects of our service, including communion.  There is no ‘dress code’ – some people like to get ‘dressed up’, some prefer ‘business casual’, others dress casually as ‘come as you are’ – it’s up to each person, and no one is judged on their clothing choices!


If you are not familiar with our ‘traditional’ style of worship, our service takes place in a large auditorium-like room that churches call “the sanctuary”. A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place, such as a shrine. By the use of such places as a safe haven, by extension the term has come to be used for any place of safety.  We hope this serves as both meanings for you.  The room has 2 rows of padded benches, or ‘pews’ – feel free to sit anywhere, including the seating area to the right front side of the sanctuary and our balcony. The left side facing front is the ‘pulpit’ side – the pastor will preach the sermon from the pulpit or podium on this side.  The right side is the ‘lectern’ side – the pastor will read from the Bible from the lectern or podium on this side, as well as read announcements.  Please feel free to sit wherever you are most comfortable.


Worshiping With Us  Upon entering our sanctuary, you will be greeted by our ‘door greeters’ and given a bulletin by an usher that will provide the complete order of worship and announcements.  Feel free to sit wherever you like.  There are special ‘cut-out’ pews to accommodate wheelchairs.  At the beginning of worship, the pastor will ask first time visitors to raise their hands so our ushers may greet them. This is voluntary, but we hope you will participate. They will greet you and give you some literature about St. John’s. You don’t have to stand up or speak; it is just our informal way to say ‘welcome’ to our visitors.  If you are not familiar with our style of worship service, your bulletin will walk you through the order of worship including all the responses and prayers.  Most hymns come from the UCC “New Century Hymnal” on the rack in front of your pew, or are printed in the bulletin. After the service, you are welcome to follow the congregation downstairs by stairs or elevator to our Assembly Hall for a time of informal refreshments and conversation.  Our pastors are available after worship at the doors to greet you and speak with you if you desire.


Special Worship Beyond St. John’s Four Walls  As St. John’s has sought to be a truly welcoming faith community, we have struggled with the dilemma of how best to do so while ensuring that our church building continues to be a place that feels safe for survivors of sexual abuse and for the most vulnerable among us. Desiring to be in fellowship with those of our members registered under Megan’s Law, an offsite, monthly opportunity for worship and conversation has been created. To learn more about this worship opportunity and St. John’s commitment to “Being the Church” beyond our four walls, please contact Rev. Sue.


Questions?  When you arrive, speak with any of our ushers, door greeters, “Umbrella Greeters” or our “Elder of the Morning” – they will be happy to help you with any questions to help you prepare to worship with us!


Accessibility  For those with special needs, please see the ‘Accessibility’ tab for more information.   Click to learn about our accessible facility