Audio – Sermons

Listen to recent services from St. John’s United Church of Christ. We invite you to join us here for worship! The services are available here for about 6 months, then kept in our church archives. (Occasionally due to technical difficulties, some sermons are not available.) Services here are Archived with Permission under OneLicense # A-721709.

If you cannot see the sermons on this page then we are having technical issues – check back soon or see our Facebook page.

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: During this time that we are not holding public worship services, a new service is being recorded for each Sunday & posted below,  Click on the arrow to listen.  Each service is in 3 or 4 parts.  Be sure to select & listen to part 1, then select & listen to part 2, then select & listen to part 3 & some weeks 4 to hear the entire online service.